Metal processing

Place of machines and equipments Environment
Steelworks, foundries
Aggressive pH
Rolling mills
Forging plants
Hot operation
Sheet metal forming plants
Metal mass production plants
Steel structure factories
Cutting plants
Locksmith and maintenance units
Oil, graphite
Type of machines and equipments
Foundry equipment main clutches and fastener brakes
Rolling mill clutches and brakes
Blacksmith machine brakes, friction drives and clutches
Plate forming machine clutches and brakes
Automatic machine engine brakes
Press clutches and brakes
Lifting machine brakes and clutches
Cutting machine oily clutches and brakes
Applied materials Way of operation
Nature Mechanical Pneumatic Hydraulic Electronic
Service brake
Unwinding brake
Parking brake
Emergency brake
Brake clutch
Clutch in oil
Operating clutch
Quick coupling
Friction drive
Safety clutch
Load-bearing sliding element
Sliding element

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