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Please accept our greetings on the occasion that you would like to learn more about the activities of our company.

On the basis of the patents of Mr. Tamás Róna we produce nearly 30 years several friction materials.

In the recent  years we could perform serious developments, owing to the results of them we can produce according to demands of the users in the requested quantity and quality with great reliability shaft couplings free of asbetos ( in any measurement, corresponding fully with the most variable stress and  indiviudal requirements ), furthermore several pads for disc brakes.

Our industrial system on european level makes possible to produce the demanded quantity in a short period. Our quality control sytem and good experienced skilled staff assure the constant and proper quality.

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2000


These are those warranties, that will be honored by our partners with their demands, orders for a long time

According to our practice our present partners use our products not only for environment protection, but the hungarian product of better quality comes into prominence against import.

There fore we would revert to that important matter, that all of our products are environmentfriendly and hope our future business contact will be positively influenced by this fact.
In oder to be able to deal with business negotiations we suggest, that you appraise in your competence what kind and typ of friction materials are requested.

Squaring the technical and business matters is any time possible, in a previously agreed time.

Hoping a business contact in the future, we remain,

Yours sincerely:

Tamás Róna








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